Friday, April 29, 2011

Team discussion 4/29/11

We discussed the question, as we had been considering all along this semester, how we could connect a science class which covers a lot of topics at a rapid pace to another class which is more writing intensive or discussion oriented. Another problem that limits this is that different classes are using different tools to connect making it difficult to connect between those classes. I learned from previous semester that students tend to participate when they already are utilizing a specific tool. For example, when I used "Google discussions" they did not participate well, despite repeated reminders, but are taking more active role now when I used facebook because they are already on it. As it is, already they have to use one login for blackboard in addition to so many other accounts that they may have been using.... it becomes cumbersome to keep track of passwords, ID's and checking all those different apps. In this regard a uniform platform may have an advantage where one login may take them to different sites- but I think that may result in security concerns, such as risking a lot of personal info in case of a security breach.

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