Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 4

My students have definitely warmed up to the facebooking in the lab. No issues technical or otherwise facebook related. That said, our readings this week were challenging. Even though some of the students weren't as prepared as I had hoped for Tuesday's Short Writing Assignment (SWAs)--which was a staging exercise preparing them for a "close reading" essay--they were still able to produce some decent work.

To counter my anxiety about "commenting" (facebook style, visible to all) on student work, I've decided to comment on their documents in the facebook group. In order for students to see my comments, they have to maneuver through an extra step. This is a thin layer of concealment to be sure, but I think it works for me. I do love the way I can open up their document and edit.

I've been handling the SWAs as very informal writing assignments--purely staging exercises for longer essays. So a lot of their writing has been pretty free form. This has worked extremely well. I think their ease with the technology coupled with low-stakes assignments really helps them get some words on the page. And after having graded their essays, I have to say, I think their work is good. If only I had an extra hour of discussion time with them...

Why can't ENG102 be a 4-hour course?


  1. I think you are finding what we are finding--these tools really get them writing, so they are very good for low-stakes writing/activities.

    And because our response time is short--as compared to "taking the journals home," there is an immediacy that makes the assignments more present in the students' minds. Not to mention that there is more pressure to do better work when the task is this public (at least to the class).

    So are you thinking about drinking the Kool-Aid yet ? ;-)

  2. I would like to check on your class Jeremey, but I have been reading too much Plato recently to come down to the facebook cave. :)