Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 5: Wheat and Chaff

This was the week when students decided to either double-down or fold their hand (so to speak). We've been moving through challenging readings--and some students made it through brilliantly, and some decided to stay home (literally). It became clear this week that meeting in the lab on Tuesday poses a dilemma for students. They have to make a decision at some point over the weekend: to be, or not to be.

Our Tuesdays are a hybrid of discussion/SWA (short writing assignments). But no matter how much discussion takes place, at some point they'll have to produce some writing. And if they arrive unprepared it will be a rather excruciating experience. Why? Because I counsel each student as they're writing. Does any student ever want to look their professor in the eyes and say "I'm completely unprepared"? Although the lab is a WAREHOUSE, there's nowhere to hide from me. Every student is held accountable. What I'm finding is that students who are showing up prepared are producing good work--better than what I've seen in the past working on similar assignments. The wheat's good this year. Or something like that.


  1. Maybe you should cross-post this to your FB group page. Honesty can be a real kick in the ass.

  2. Wait-- I see one of the tags refers to Kool-Aid--are ya or aren't ya in the drinking stages?