Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week Five Progress

There is limited progress using Voice Board but it looks as though a number of students are making some efforts. Why they would think they wouldn't have to speak is beyond me. However, it also looks like I may have lost a few. One student has dropped - too much writing in the online section, will take it in the summer. This week there is a PowerPoint assignment due so I'll see if technology that is more familiar works better.

Asked students to let me know if they are planning to go out on internship in the summer through a Google survey but that has been wonky lately. I am holding an orientation/information session next week about internships at MetLife and encouraged some of the online students to drop in. While it is a good opportunity to learn about these internships, it is also an opportunity for me to meet them outside of my office. Many of the activities to date have been low stakes. The first paper of significant weight is due on Tuesday. This should give me an indication of who is really still in the class. I check Blackboard statistics and all seem to be checking in but a number of them have not submitted assignments. Hard to figure out what is going on.

After the break we will be gearing up for our VoiceThread activity. I have been using the same VoiceThread for about 3 years and just keep adding new sections. The textbook has been revised so I may need to adjust a few things but think my questions are pretty standard so should be fine. Would not want to lose all those voices.


  1. I'd like to learn more about voice thread!

  2. I added the link and I think you should now be able to see the exercise.

  3. Voicethread rocks!
    I am thinking of adding an activity for next semester.