Thursday, April 7, 2011

We're experiencing technical difficulties...

Overall, FB has worked really well for me but this week some student posts disappeared for no apparent reason. I tried to turn the frustration into a teachable moment by suggesting that they all use Word to write and save their responses, allowing for easy re-posting if necessary. One student is still handwriting everything and then typing it into the computer so when we do in-class writings, she needs additional time. I'm trying to accommodate her (so as not to punish her for lacking computer skills) while at the same time pushing her to get more comfortable using the computers. We'll see how that goes.

Like Jeremy, I struggle somewhat with how to comment on public FB posts in a sensitive manner. For the most part, I've been pulling general suggestions from my readings of all the posts and then making a global comment to everyone. When a post is particularly skimpy or undeveloped, I've been sending a private message to the student, indicating that s/he needs to add more detail, explain more fully, etc. This seems to be working for now.

On another positive note: students have been communicating with me much more frequently outside of class now that I'm using FB. I've always given them my full contact info but more of them ask me questions via FB than they ever did using e-mail or voicemail.

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  1. The way I see it, you are helping that one student so much by making her use a computer. In this day and age, comfort using computers is one indispensable skill...

    As to evaluative-type comments: since I am completely public, anything that has to do with grading goes on a private shared Google Docs or similar--so I am with you that "public" comments must remain somewhat positively "global."