Monday, May 23, 2011

ePortfolios and the last few weeks of the semester

I asked students in my IND class to review the ePortfolios of at least two students from the class and with a grading eye, make comments towards improvement. Well, I wasn't very surprised that this was not done....many comments, didn't know we could view them, didn't realize you wanted them written, etc. So, we used part of the class Wednesday night to make constructive criticism on ePortfolios that were developed this semester. Most were reasonably well done but as usual, there were spelling errors, font inconsistencies, font color not compatible with selected templates. Some were resistant to making some changes -- "I like the color green" "script is nice", etc. Reviewing the concepts of "professional ePortfolio" a number of the students started to make least until they are graded. I would suspect that some will revert after the class is over.

My CEP 121 class is finally having some success with Voice Thread. Still no idea why there were problems since I have used the same "voice" since 2009. Since I have transferred to the Business & Technology Department, I plan to create a new one for the Fall but give students access to the old one. However, since this is an online class, there are some problems with the online Studio Hour. Students have been encouraged to go to the Studio Lab in E-273 but most have not done so. It would be helpful if the Lab had evening or weekend hours for our evening students. I'm making some revisions to my grading here and have advised students that if they continue to have problems, they will need to make an appointment to see me. One thing with the online students, some willingly come to meet me and others try to stay away from campus. I hope they don't all wait until the last week of classes to try to finish everything.

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  1. I hear you, Profsusan, about the lack of services for evening students. It really does change the dynamics of the class that they cannot simply do some of the things day students can.