Saturday, May 14, 2011

Global Connections

It has been great to see what is happening in the "global-virtual" world. Some of the 3D virtual exhibits are incredible. This has been an amazing experience with terrific people, all engaged in various ways in collaborating with other educators all over the world. The Shanghai project was engaging. What I found most interesting was the research that identified the social component/behavior/undertones of ethnic groups/avatars and culture. Great stuff. I'll be connecting (hopefully) this semester, but definitely by Fall, and maybe even by summer with my global- connections in the UK and Austria.
One issue that was discussed was the one that Rich and Karim and I had talked about at the last web 2.0 meeting: that with different platforms, communication becomes more difficult.
Well,I'm ready for 3D! Okay, I may be going out on a limb here, but I do have new ideas.
I did hear frequently that Second Life is,"the way to go," but, as Jason and Ximena know, our server can't handle it...or can it? I've been told repeatedly that many colleges are lecturing in Second Life...some exclusively so. I'm going to try to launch it from home. Wish me luck.

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