Sunday, May 8, 2011

Looking Ahead

One aspect of online classroom activities I'm enjoying this semester is that we're almost entirely paperless. Students regularly exceed the minimum word count for the week's Short Writing Assignment, which we do together during our two-hour lab period. I wonder if we were handing in hard copies each week, how much paper would we be using? How many reams? I see a lot of paper wasted at LaGuardia.  Would I eventually like to run entirely paperless classes? Would Google Docs help? Would I then need to switch to Blogger or Ning? Or Tumblr? Which platform works best for an entirely paperless class? I find myself buried underneath piles (multiple) with other courses I'm teaching, but my web-enhanced (can I call it that?) ENG102 is so fresh and so clean clean. Not having to sort, divide, and conquer is not only Earth friendly, but also a time saving alternative. [Slides soapbox back into closet space.]

I'm looking forward this coming week to distributing an assignment for my class that will be analyzed by Michelle's students. I'd like to design something that will be a user friendly, plug-and-play sort of exercise for Michelle's students. Something they can pick up and run with. Something that isn't confusing. Something that will benefit my students--focusing on errors I'm witnessing each week. So, now I'm stuck with two questions: What are my students' strengths (they should be able to show off a bit)? What are my students' weaknesses (where might blind review help most)?


  1. Hi Jeremey! - Delurking as a 2.0 alum as I've recently been thinking about the same thing. I've used blogger and now ning for informal writing and love all the advantages you've mentioned. I've been mulling making the switch for formal graded essays. One main issue as I see it is having comments/grades on these be private rather than public, which would likely mean switching to google docs. I'm a little weary of whether students would feel as comfortable scrolling through comments in an electronic mark-up form, though you could argue that's a valuable skill for them. I suppose some ipad tool will soon be the way to go.

  2. Curious to hear what you decide!