Friday, May 6, 2011

McGraw-Hill Campus, a report

Last week, we attended a presentation given by textbook publisher McGraw-Hill introducing their free “MH Campus” [] service. A number of local library and academic IT staff were present. It wasn’t a live demo, but we got some sense of what their plans are. It is basically a free add-on to mainstream learning management systems (LMSs) like Blackboard and Sakai to allow easy access to all that supplemental stuff that accompanies popular textbooks (slides, videos, learning objects, tests/quizzes, etc.)

Basically, it would eliminate the need to deal with those access codes that accompany a McGraw-Hill textbook. It offers suggestions to faculty and student for useful resources even if the textbook used is not McGraw-Hill (it guesses based on their own equivalent textbooks). This advertises the existence of McGraw-Hill content at the same time. Seems like installation into BB would be fairly easy.
So, could we try it out? Not right now since we are using BB 8 - any trials would have to be CUNY-wide. But if enough people are interested, it might be worth looking into. -- Ann and Priscilla

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  1. The McGraw-Hill Campus service is available for Bb 8.0 and basically all versions of the following LMS's:Bb, WebCT, Angel, Moodle, Sakai, eCollege, D2L...go to for information.