Monday, May 16, 2011


Sorry for the delay with posting but my move to the B-building had me crazy. Between packing boxes (who had time to go through anything) and then trying to get settled and get work done, it's been a nightmare. In addition to all this, I had to be ready to present the two new courses that will replace the Cooperative Education courses in the Business & Technology Department. Did this on Thursday at CW-Curriculum and they were passed unanimously so one hurdle down, Senate to go.

Here's what we've been up to in my classes. CEP 121 is currently working on interviewing skills so we are using the Voice Thread activity. Ran into a snag since my comment button disappeared and students were unable to answer the questions. Took a few days but we are back on track. Still, some students have ignored the new "invitation" I had sent from Voice Thread with the correct I changed it in Blackboard. Looks like any reason not to record their voices. I wonder what will happen when the professional pitch video needs to be uploaded to their ePortfolios?

My IND 100 class is finishing up their ePortfolios. Digital stories are complete, music and all. We had a "screening story hour" the other night and some wanted popcorn which is not possible in a lab. In all, there is only one student who is technologically challenged and is making little effort to help himself. One other student has taken him under his wing so that is helpful. I guess I am surprised at the lack of tech skills in someone so young.

I have been using Blackboard Assignments to return corrected work. Since this is the online class, it seems to work but let me know if you have a better strategy. I make comments in the instructor's box and upload the corrected, in this case the resume, as a scanned file. Takes a bit more effort but I can make my scribbles in color pen and then scan and upload. Does involve printing but I find it easier than using the comment feature for this activity. Many students don't know how to use comments and depending on their software version, it becomes problematic.


  1. Profsusan--

    I love your Voicethread assignment--elegant and simple yet super useful. And such a great way to compile student feedback over the semesters!

    I have to steal the idea for my class somehow.

  2. Thanks. This is the first semester with a snag. Still don't know what happened to the comment button but it's back and students are responding. They enjoy listening to others. I may change it in the fall and start a new one for the business students but also provide the link to this one.

  3. Indeed. As I was telling Miss B in her post, there is no way we will not have issues with ANY online tool. But Voicethread is totally worth the snag.