Thursday, May 26, 2011

Penny Dreadful Project Geared For Press

I haven't had a chance to review my posts over the past school year. But, I have a sinking feeling of disappointment at what I meant to accomplish was a far cry from my concept. I wound up going quite a different direction ( which is an odd thing when you consider that I spent a considerable amount of time and effort at ITP at NYU using and learning Electronic Publishing). I am ABD in Educational Communication and Technology, and looking anywhere but at the technology aspect. Go figure! The thing is this: Even without examining my posts, I know that I started out with a "city concept." I was building Lautrecville, a place where students could upload their own music, graphics, artwork, poems, essays, thoughts. Each part of the city had its own dept, such as a "newsroom." Well, that didn't work. As my Blackjack phone app tells me, I "busted." But, I found that the students were actively engaged in our Penny Dreadful Project that was simultaneously targeted at both print and web. They didn't blog. They couldn't get on. They didn't like it. I assigned Editors...those who could go in and "edit" (correct) the text of the lesser skilled students. One student confided in me, "The summary was grammatically a mess!" I didn't want the students to "critique one another's work. The class was small, and I envisioned, as can happen, a mean spirited discourse rather than help. So, I chose the Editorial, Writers, Photoeditor route, worked. They made some comments to one another, but those were very limited. I didn't wind up with a successful tell the world..."HEY, this blog is great." But, instead, I wound up with a magazine for print to be uploaded. It was STILL a team effort...very much so.
Until I am more skilled in the program that I am requesting students to use, I'm going to continue to work in this fashion. I'll not be doing Web 2.0 next year, but plan to do another graphic novel and try to build it into ePortfolio, AND keep the print option. I am also going to try to learn some more technical skills that I USED to have so I can be ready when the "twains" meet.


  1. Congratulations!
    I am sure the students are proud of their work. :-)

  2. Well--better late than never: I have finally found the right tool for your project! PIXTON

  3. Thanks, Ximena! It is definitely better late than never. I am probably going to do a graphic novel next semester. I appreciate it! I'm looking into this asap.
    I only wish that I had been better able to connect with other classes, but (alas) that was not to be.
    I am now able to do InDesign (with HELP)..

  4. Ximena: I just signed up for pixton. Oh-oh, I'll never get off the computer now. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!