Thursday, May 12, 2011

Progress in SCB201

As mentioned in my last post, there has been a sense of connectedness in the class now with the facebook. Some students have been uploading videos relevant to the lectures to share with others. I started including some questions in my powerpoint and provided students with flashcard with answer choice so they can flash the answer without a fear that their answers may be wrong. Also this way I am able to get a response from every student and know how each of them is doing. One student actually put a survey question on the facebook to find how students like this approach and how it can be improved. Well I still have to get the results. But even this, to my surprise, the number of students responding was very low- only four students by last Tuesday! Anyway the sense of connection is there and I am able to reach to them for announcements and they are getting the sense of sharing what they find interesting to others in the class.

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