Sunday, May 15, 2011

Technology support...

Two technology related questions… I’m currently using Facebook groups for my Second Semester Seminar and I’m gearing towards the end of the semester projects and reflections. My students completed mid-semester reflections in class (on paper) a few weeks ago, but I would like to have their final projects online for everyone to see and comment on. (I’m still trying to reserve a computer lab for 5/25 and 6/1 from 1-2PM; Let me know if you have any suggestions). As their final project, students will write individual project/event proposals on a topic of their choice. The goal is to have all the proposals in one common place where students can give and receive feedback on each others’ proposals the following week. Do FB groups have a feature where students can post, edit and comment on each others’ proposals/posts? I don’t want them to create yet another online account but instead, use our existing platform.

As my second question, does anybody know how to post comments onto an online discussion board via text messaging? College Discovery Program is hosting an Honors Reception on Tuesday and we would like to elicit a few word responses from our graduates and Deans List students during this event. Students would text their comments to a number that relays them to a discussion board (projected on the wall) for everyone to see. Similar to what we did during the Spring Opening Sessions. I did a Google search but couldn’t find anything relevant. I was only able to find websites that offer free text messaging service from computer to cell phones, not the other way around.


  1. if you cannot get a lab, check with the library about the laptops on a cart - I think they are still available

  2. Hey Ms. K--
    Feature where students can post, edit and comment on each others’ proposals/posts: See on the right hand side "Create a Doc." Facebook keeps track of who created and modified the doc as well as of the different versions of the doc.

    Post comments onto an online discussion board via text messaging: call Steve Hitt. He was in charge of the one we did for Opening Sessions.