Saturday, May 14, 2011

working with other classes

So this week my students read Magda's students' first drafts of research papers and commented--I asked them to send me a copy of their comments and told them I would give them an extra credit grade. Some seemed to really get into it and we had a small discussion about how it was interesting to look at essays from the point of view of a professor. M gave us suggested guidelines. I will wait to hear more from her about her class's reactions. In some cases they couldn't find the paper (only an outline) and in one case I heard that a discussion ensued with disagreement; it made me wonder if my student was too forceful in his opinion--maybe this is an issue to discuss with this group--teaching students how to frame their remarks :)...I have a smaller class so I gave a couple of students two partners; then there is the problem of absences and such--a little monitoring to be sure everyone is contacted--we might not have done a perfect job.

Next week we are entering Corbett's students' wiki site--if you haven't seen this you really should take a look--Corbett sets up a sample WIKI for them where she illustrates a literary term, first in classical literature and then in pop culture which is basically their assignment--go to I am definitely stealing this assignment. My students are going to add an example to to the students' wikis. My class also just did the post for the survey monkey and they basically said to me that NING is by far the most accessible and least annoying site to work on (no ads!)--and that they like the online component of our class.

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