Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What do we talk about when we talk about TRANSFER?

Dear Community 2.0 participants,

Hope it's not too late to send you this message!

LaGuardia's Center for Teaching and Learning would like to invite you to join our efforts to facillitate transfer for our stsudents wishing to continue their education, and to ensure their success beyond admissionn to a baccalaureate institution. At LaGuardia, while 80% of our students seek a B.A., only 10% achieve it in 6 years.

Here is a brieff description of our project:
Funded by a Title V grant, the Making Transfer Connections project was launched this year, creating a partnership with four other CUNY colleges: Queensborough Community College, Bronx Community College, Queens College and Lehman College. LaGuardia is leading this collaborative network in a sustained effort to use ePortfolio to crreate a pervasive culture of transfer, encompassing instruction, advisement and assessment.

To this end, the LaGuardia Making Transfer Connections team began visiting various CTL seminars this spring, exploring possibilities for integrating a focus on transfer and on ePortfolio as a tool to support transfer success. We talked with participants in the Capstone, Mini Grant, Connected Learning and New Faculty Colloquium seminars, and piloted the integration of ePortfolios in the Art of Advising seminar. In each case, the integration of transfer and ePortfolio has taken a different shape.

Our hope is that your collaboration and creativity will help us understand how the Community 2.0 seminar can contribute to the successof our students regarding transfer; that you think about transfer and ePortfolio in the context of instruction, as you experiment with pedagogies that take advantage of the continuum of web environments available to you. How do we teach for transfer? What is it that gets transferred? How do we help students actively construct the knowledge and know-how they will need to move to the next level of academic work? How could ePortolio, in addition to the many other interactive tools you're using, help students integrate, connect, reflect on and make sense of the multiple dimensions of their coursework, their aspirations and their lives?

We welcome your thoughts on this. Your seminar leaders have graciously invited us to join your blog. We look forward to an ongoing conversation about transfer.

Thanks to all, and best wishes for a great summer from the Making Transfer Connections team (Bret Eynon, Judit Torok, Clarence Chan, Mercedes Del Rosario, Jiyeon Lee, Max Rodriguez, Carolyn Henner Stanchina, Mikhail Valentin).

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