Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ah, the second week is really the first week!

Hello Fellow Community 2.o Bloggers,
Prof. M. and I met on Tuesdays as we had planned and wrote our very first post for our MathBlogLaGCC Blog and on Thursday I introduced the Facebook Fan Page to his MAT115.1592 students.
I was able to activate our own DISQUS account to keep track of all the postings and comments students make on the Blog (Tumblr), Facebook and Twitter. I highly recommend using DISQUS to keep track of all your comments if you use more than one social medial platform. I also added the Google Analytics html piece to our blog to keep track of all the traffic we may (or not) get in a regular basis.
DISQUS and Google analytics are powerful media tools to track what we do and see how engaged our readership becomes per post and over periods of time. I can’t wait to see and share the stats from our blog with you all.
How did it go?
Well, once we had all the students logged into Educo, it was easy to send them the link to all our Social Media opportunities of engagement, once again. Prof. Meangru didn’t have to search for email addresses, but instead just used his group email option form this Math software online product to communicate the message to his students.
We also discovered that although students may have a FaceBook account, they really don’t want “to go on it” as much. This information did not face us, for we were prepared with DISQUS to allow students to comment directly on our blog posts. I emphasized that the reason we choose these three platforms was to give them as many user friendly options to talk and learn about Math. Through DISQUS, our blog is now able to accept comments and record students’ reactions to our blog posts and as well as their peers. DISQUS also offers our students the option of not having to open an account on Facebook or Tumblr and have to suffer trough non-sense Facebook newsfeed of status posts from their FB friends when they need to post on our FaceBook Fan Page.
I look forward to next week’s visits to the other math sections and to introduce the blog once again, to a new group of students in the MAT096 sections we selected.
Hope everyone is having a blast with our blogs and social media projects!
I know, I am!


  1. IF you are interested in finding out how to deal with all the FB nonsense for the future, you might want to talk to Michelle as she is our resident FB-naut and has been using it as a course management platform for over a year now. I think she makes a group and not a fanpage. I think there is a difference.

    However, otherwise it sounds like you guys are off to a running start.

  2. Thanks Jason. I thought of using the group idea, but Rudy and I are having a really smooth time with the blog's comments through DISQUS. We'll keep the Fan Page for those students who are into Facebook.

    I'll try talking to Michelle at our next meeting, to see how we can integrate it.

  3. Impressive that you are managing all these modes of communication simultaneously.Can you please show me DISQUS sometime soon? Is there any intgeration with wikis? It sounds really helpful.