Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dance Card activity

I discussed our classes with Vera, Rebekah, Rudy, and Nozomi. There are very different ways of connecting: for instance, Rudy is going to be part of a community with Ingrid (via facebook) where his students in his algebra and trigonometry class won't connect to the facebook account, but he will be available to provide help with math when students in that community (who will be from lower level math classes and part of ASAP) have questions that relate to math.

Rebekah's ESL 99 students will connect (via blogger) both with an Intro to Art class Hugo will be teaching  and with a hybrid Intro to Art class Ari will be teaching--I think it will be very interesting to see how these interactions go, since the online element will be the same but the out-of-class experience will be different even for the same course. (By the way I was at Rebekah's presentation of this kind of connection from last semester and it was very exciting to watch).

So far Vera and Nozomi plan to connect students from different sections of classes they teach (philosophy in Vera's case and Art Appreciation and Painting in Nozomi's case) but as we discussed it turned out my students will be exploring some of the same students as Vera's, so we may connect our classes.

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  1. Hi Luke, was great to be able to talk with you today and hear about your courses! I think your themes are exciting!