Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dance card conversations

So Ingrid is using blogs, facebook, twitter to motivate students in Math 096; Justin is teaching about food and human rights this semester. We're teaching in the same cluster (Language and Human Rights) our students are going to be super-platformed-out! (Also, I can tell by reading/hearing about his food cluster, I'm going to be thinking harder about becoming vegan). Vera was disappointed that her Philosophy and Law class didn't fill (and is suddenly teaching Critical Thinking instead).  And David just learned he'll be leading a FCA Seminar for Co-Op. (That's Fundamentals of Career Advancement. I should take that!) He had a super amazing student last semester who received a full scholarship to Georgetown and CUNY. The kid wants to go into politics. He asked David which school he should go to. Guess what David advised...?
A recurring theme is that folks are in the mindset of "we'll see what happens" in terms of integrating Community 2.0 and technology platforms into the classes. What will happen as platforms and communities come together to create learning experiences? How do you prepare for that? Especially if the class you planned for didn't fill or you just found out your teaching a course!!

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