Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Dance Card Report

I really enjoyed this activity. It felt like speed-dating!

I learned that:
-Maria is teaching ELL101, part of the Language of Human Rights cluster, and an ESL course. She hopes to build discussion based on the assumptions students make about language, and help students understand that a language doesn't have to be bad or lesser of a kind because of popular opinion.
-Judith wants to provide links of career related resources for all faculty in Community 2.0 to help students make more informed decisions. These links will help students view potential jobs available after earning the associate degrees while keeping their short and long term career goals in check!
-Michelle B. (not here), but Priscilla listened to my MathBlogLaGCC Blog objectives.
-Aaron is teaching an Ethics course and how it affect the Medical field and hopes to instill in students stronger writing skills while learning how this topic affects allied health sciences courses and majors.

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