Thursday, September 15, 2011

Embracing Your Inner Technophobe

Three Tech Tips for the Technophobe in You

September 13, 2011, 11:00 am
LudditesLast month we asked you, our readers, for your ideas about what ProfHacker should cover in the coming academic year. Among the many helpful suggestions, there was a theme that stood out to me. Here it is in your own words.
I would love to see some technology-related posts written by people who are not technologically inclined. (kaitlinwalsh)
I’d also like to see some articles that take the concerns of techno-curmudgeons and Luddites a little more seriously. (matt_l)
I’d second the comment that some of the reviewers are a little too in love with technology–and perhaps are of a younger generation–than most of the readers, so that there’s a lot of tacit knowledge here that needs to be made explicit. (bethelcollege)
These are entirely reasonable suggestions. After all, there is—and should be—a bit of a technophobe in each of us, asking the question, Will trying this new approach/technology/tool really help me, or will it just waste my time.   --For more, click HERE.

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