Friday, September 16, 2011

The first day, 9/8/2011!

Last week Prof. Meangru (Rudy) and I created a structure to meet, plan and lay out all of our posts (both for this blog and our MathBlogLaGCC on Tumblr) for the remainder of Fall I 2011! We both have busy schedules and meeting first thing on Tuesday mornings (we decided) would place our minds at ease and enable us to tackle our goals week by week. Prior to the semester starting, I had created all the accounts needed in all three social media venues we chose as part of our blog proposal.

Rudy's MAT115.1592 is a hybrid online and in class course. This set up gave us the opportunity to meet his students in person last Thursday (9.8.11) and allowed us to introduce our MathBlogLaGCC Blog initiative from the very first day.

How it went?
Students were welcoming to the idea of a personalized math online support structure. We learned that all but three students don’t have a Facebook account. (This will save us tons of time for when we provide them with our Facebook Fan Page, Tweeter and Blog address.) Students were pleased to learn that if they don’t want to use Facebook, they can become faithful readers of our blog and comment at least once a week.

During this first meet up we also took advantage of the lab room and got 21 students in MAT115.1592 to complete the pre-survey. Yay!

Setting up time to meet and plan is crucial. I’m glad I’ve the flexibility early in the mornings to tackle our tasks both on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m glad the three social media platforms we have chosen are versatile enough to meet students’ individual preferences. This helps us engage them without becoming a burden!

In the next two weeks we will introduce the blog to the targeted MAT096 sections and have students link up to our Tumblr Blog, ‘like' our MathBlogLaGCCFanPage on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Can't wait for the interactions to begin...


  1. Sounds good so far. I look forward to seeing the different ways you'll use the 3 technologies. You may be aware of this already but if you get 50 "likes" on your fb page you can choose the url so it's easier to remember and find...that is, you can get rid of the many numerals or change it to something cute like MathManiacs (if it's not already taken:-)

  2. Love the enthusiasm! And the project. I hope you get lots of good interaction.