Friday, September 16, 2011

First Day and Bloggin'

Ximena and I are working together with a schedule for ENG099 primarily designed by her off a theme that originated in one of my Liberal Arts clusters (where I had the students for 7 hours a week) that was modified by X for a 6 hour ENA099 and she now squeezed into a 5 hour ENG099 for both of us. I am amazed at how much of the original material from the ENG101-ENG103-LIB110 remains! As you will see, however, some days can be pretty tightly packed and the first day was no exception.

Goals and Bloom's
The main goals of the first class period--besides the usual coverage of the syllabus--were to get all my students a Google account (applying), a Gmail address (applying), a Blogger account (applying), have them use an interactive Google Doc to give me their Gmail address and Blogger URL (applying), write and post their first blog entry (a CATW style essay--analyzing, evaluating, creating), and learn how to edit it later (applying). Whew. Though the schedule was pretty tight for a two hour class.

And How it Went
To an outside observer, I am sure my class, which met in the computer lab E141, would probably have looked like a train wreck in action. However, we accomplished all of the tasks above, though I am sure the next class will demonstrate that the "Remembering" level of Bloom's (the base for everything else) should have been reinforced as we deal with forgotten passwords and etc. Incredibly, I DO have all the students' Gmails and URL's and have now added them onto the class blog which you can see HERE. We did have a few problems, however. In the heat of the moment, I flashed back to a few semesters ago and had them create a Blogger account before a Google/Gmail account, so all that got a little messy. And as the students do not know each other yet, the more tech-savvy were a bit reticent to help their classmates, so I had to be everywhere at once.

Unfortunately, 7 students did not come to the first class, so next week I have a packed day plus figuring out how to do all this again with the folks who skipped.

Ximena did a great job designing this two-hour class and she says it worked just as well for her even though we have different classroom management styles (albeit similar teaching styles, of course). I hope all the lessons and activities go this well.

I Like the Blog Format
I have to admit, even I was a tad skeptical about this blog format, but it actually made writing this much faster than usual.


  1. I must agree that this format has made our first post in the making a bit less intimidating!