Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Started

I'm just getting started; so I set up a blog for my two Intro to Philosophy courses and I will at first have them connect and comment on each other. Ximena suggested that I could have students access the blog and comment instead of giving each student permission to be a member. I have done that last semester and it worked well, so I will probably do it like that for now and change it later.
Students will have to write a persuasive argument (following given criteria) on a topic of their choice, and then they evaluate each other.
This past week I have also been thinking about teaching online classes; next semester I will probably teach my Phil of Law class as an online class. It seems that most people who have taught online used Blackboard as platform for this, but I am not very fond of the Blackboard discussion feature, so I would prefer a blog or perhaps a facebook group. Has anyone of you taught an online course used one or more of these?

Dr. Albrecht


  1. Hey Dr. Albrecht!

    I tagged your post with your last name. I hope you don't mind.

    As to you considering teaching online: the C2.0 leaders have been looking at the "two sides" of Digication, one of which seems to replicate most of the features of Blackboard. And Digication comes with support! So let's talk.

  2. Hi V, Your approach of getting started in a way that feels manageable and carries over from your work last year seems like a very good idea.
    Will you be teaching a completely online course or will it be hybrid?
    Your activity sounds interesting and I look forward to hearing your thinking about it sometime soon in conjunction with Bloom's Taxonomy.

  3. I am with Ximena. If you want your class to be behind a firewall, then Digication might be the best for you. It gives the students a lot of creativity and much more "ownership" than Blackboard.