Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"I Learned Something Today"

Colleague Connections
The dance card activity was fun and it was nice to both meet colleagues I haven't had one-on-one interaction with and re-encounter colleagues I know.  It is nice to continue to meet colleagues in many other departments!

Course Content
I was impressed with the themes, books, and movies many composition courses were using.  It makes me want to be a student again and join in stimulating discussions about ethics, gender, choice, poetry, etc. Seeing how interesting and challenging other classes are prompts me to try to stimulate my students more, even though they are learning the basics (grammar and vocabulary).

Course Connections
Each time I talk to others who are in learning communities or are connecting to other courses through various Web 2.0 platforms, I get new ideas on how to collaborate with other instructors and the types of blog post assignments I can give my students!

I would like to suggest that the next "dance" be a tango! :)

Tango Argentina:


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