Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dancing with the colleages

In my discussion with Luke I found out that both of his classes, ENG 101 and ENG 102, can connect well to my Intro to Philosophy; he is dealing with heroic choices, which connects to Socrates trial and death, he deals with free will and determinism, which is a topic in my class, as well as science fiction with relates to my topic of self, reality, and knowing reality.
Ari is interested in art critique and writings such as Walter Benjamin who deals with authenticity and reproduction of art works, which ties into my topic of identity and reality. Moreover, students discussing art in his class could connect with my students discussing who we are, what is real, and how do we gain knowledge.
Maria's Intro to Language in which she focuses on human rights would be perfect to connect to my canceled Philosophy of Law class, but I hope we will have this opportunity in the future. Her ESL reading course deals with civil rights, which again could tie in with my topic of Socrates and her reading on science would connect well with my discussion on knowledge and reality.
Michelle's readings in her ENG 101 address race, social class and gender, which also connects with the trial of Socrates, prejudice, and knowledge.

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