Saturday, September 17, 2011

Setting up Student Blogs (Dr. Rizz week 1)

This week I asked the students in my Medical Ethics class to set up a blog using blogspot. My Environmental Ethics students are setting up blogs for another class. When everyone is set up I will then have everyone connect to each other. I am going to use these blogs for two purposes. First, they will answer some of their reading questions on them and give feedback to one another. Second, students from each class will be paired together and they will give feedback to one another on their essay assignments.

Goals and Bloom

The main goal this week was simply to get the students to set up a blog (applying) which requires they they also obtain a google account (applying). I then asked them to follow my blog and leave the contact inf. for their blogs in the comments box of my first post (applying).


Most of my Medical Ethics students were able to set up their blogs and give me their contact info. Some are having more trouble and we spent 15 minutes in class on Tuesday reviewing the process. I am optimistic that all of them will complete the assignment this week.


  1. Good work! I had some real difficulties with students who already had Google accounts (but did not seem to know they did) so we need to find a fix for this for the future. I am working on it.

  2. Yep. Your method seems much better than mine: having them join in class. maybe next semester I should use that time to talk about privacy issues in depth instead.