Saturday, September 17, 2011

Marathon Week!

This week our ENG 099 classes not only got their blogs set up, but they wrote their "Diagnostics" (see Justin's remarks on such futile exercise HERE)  and were (re-) introduced to two much needed basic skills: Annotating and Summarizing. WHEW!!!!

A full class meeting was devoted to each skill, but since our methodology was similar for both, I will report on both meetings at the same time.

Goals and Bloom's
(For writing the goals, I used RadioJames Objectives Builder.)
  • Our first goal was to make students thinks critically about the particular skill by identifying and reviewing examples of it, discussing its uses, and identifying its possible relevance to their writing. (Comprehension Level).
  • Our second goal was to have students put in practice the ideas they had reviewed by creating an annotation and a summary of a CAT-style reading in association with other classmates (Jason put them in groups, I had them partner). (Synthesis/Creation Level).
  • Our third goal was to have students reflect on the discussion and work for that day by evaluating the different strategies to which they had been exposed and deciding which seemed to work best for their writing. (Evaluation Level). 
  • For homework, the students were to put in practice the two skills by creating an annotation and a summary of  a different CAT-style reading on their own.  (Synthesis/Creation Level).

How Did It Go?
Since the main objective was to (re-)introduce skills and get students to begin thinking about them and attempting to practice them in their own work, we would say that, based on our students' responses and reflections,* the classes got the gist of both lessons. We did not expect the level of annotation or summarizing to improve dramatically,** but rather we were establishing a base that we could work from for the rest of the semester.

*Student Responses and Reflections
  • For my students' group annotations of THIS reading, see HERE and HERE. (Jason's classes discussed out loud how to annotate the reading). Interestingly, the two classes agreed on many points.
  • For Jason's and my students' group summaries of the reading above, see HERE and HERE  (two more classes are doing this lesson next Tuesday).
  • For my students' reflections go HERE  and HERE (annotation) and HERE (summary). (Jason's students did them as blog entries).
**improve, that is, from the level shown in their responses to the CAT reading they had for their "Diagnostic."

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