Friday, September 30, 2011

Week Three and All is Well

This has been such a screwy semester in terms of schedule. My hybrid-online Intro to Art has already had one week off, one Irregular Day and next week will be off too. But, as far as things are going...

The students successfully created their personal blogs as a first project grade. They also posted their first field trip response writings. Both of these were due this week, and it seems that most everyone got it done. You can see them if you are interested at:

I created a separate blog site for their second project. For this group project, each student will select a favorite recipe, document themselves preparing it, and then post the images and text to the blog. I invited all of the students to be authors of the site, so that they can post their own entries. I didn't give them administrator access, however. Right now, my recipe for "Sweet Bacon-Wrapped Tofu" is the only contribution to the site, but keep posted for student contributions. Anyone who wishes to invite their students to participate, even if for extra credit, let me know. You can see this blog here:


  1. The food blog could be a super assignment for our Food Unit later this semester, or even for the final project. Let me talk to the J and see what he says.

  2. Your finger's on the pulse of the current art/food intersection in the artworld, as well as LaGuardia's common reading! At the Creative Time Summit and Living as Form events they are inviting artists to "chef" meals. I was lucky enough to eat at one by Rirkrit Tiravanija. Yum! But even better was the sense of community, unusually high and welcoming for art events! Maybe a meal can be cooked and shared as yet another aspect in the art of connection?

  3. Ximena, let's keep in touch about the food blog. It will be open for anyone to contribute who gets an invite.

    Priscilla, yes, Living as Form is a great exhibit. Did you leave anything on the have/want/trade cork board? That's awesome that you got to experience one of Tiravanija's events! I mention him in my food art history blog post. I'd love to take this project to the next level & have a big potluck, but organizing that? Argh!