Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Learned Through Dance

This was a great exercise to get to know some of the participants who I had not previously met. It was interesting speaking with Judith about ways to incorporate lessons about the labor market into my Intro to Art class. There are so many real world applications of art, from teaching to arts administration to being a professional artist. This is a topic that I feel is under-explored in most art educations. I spoke with Vera about the relationship between art and philosophy. Possibly an examination of the notion of "The Self" in art and how that relates to traditional modes of representation as well as the world of avatars and virtual representations. Aaron & I discussed his Medical Ethics and Environmental Ethics classes. As with my discussion with Vera, there is a strong relationship between art and philosophy. I would like to explore this topic further throughout the seminar. Finally, I met with Priscilla. She offered insight about incorporating social media software into my pedagogy. Specifically, she suggested utilizing Twitter during museum visits as a way of letting the students make real time connections to the work that they see, as well as letting them know where I am in the museum at what times.

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