Friday, October 14, 2011

Art-in-New York WEEK 3 and a Half

This is crazy. The paintings below came from my students' blogs for "Art in New York," but this class did not even meet last Friday. Please visit their blogs by clicking the images.

A Problem:
Paint three eggs in black and white under the sunlight. Make it contemporary by adding one more thing.


  1. Wow. Beautiful. What do you mean, it's "crazy?"

  2. I just meant that I must be teaching a Harvard class of LaGuardia. Yes, they are very good.

  3. Fan-tast-tic!
    I went to their blogs and left encouraging comments. I hope you don't mind...

  4. you mean crazy good, right? You have some very inspired students doing beautiful work, yay!!!

  5. Thank you for looking at my post and my students' artworks. They can also write well.

    Thinking about what makes people feel "Contemporary" in Art was the point of doing this assignment.

    I neither teach painting skills in this class nor see artworks with significant conceptual rigor here, but my students visualized their commitment to the class at this early stage USING THE INTERNET when the class was not meeting. I thought the faculty seminar would be interested in seeing it.

  6. Everyone has said, but I have literally have kept my mouth open for a good minute! Great work posted by your students...loooking forward to more!