Friday, October 28, 2011

Facebook: From the Chronicle

I suppose on some fronts this may be new/s.

Students Push Their Facebook Use Further Into Course Work
October 27, 2011, 4:28 pm
College students are taking social media to a new level, using Web sites like Facebook to communicate with other students about their coursework, according to results of a new survey on student technology use.
Nine out of 10 college students say they use Facebook for social purposes, like writing status updates and posting pictures. And the majority, 58 percent, say they feel comfortable using it to connect with other students to discuss homework assignments and exams. One out of four students even went so far as to say they think Facebook is “valuable” or “extremely valuable” to their academic success.

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  1. I saw this article the other day on Huffington Press and found it interesting. I think as an educational tool Facebook has a lot of usage. However managing it in the business climate has become somewhat of an issue. I walked behind the American Airlines counter the other day where I was meeting a friend for lunch. When I walked by the counter of the 10 people on duty 8 were on face book and there were about 20 people waiting to be served. My friend said this happens everyday now as they forget that they are there for work not social networking.
    While a great learning too it has become for some a management nightmare.