Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Interlinking our students!

What happened?

We have ventured into a major stepping stone--MAT096 to interact with MAT115 on the blog!


Educo Software technology allows us to reach out to those specifics sections we targeted from the beginning of this blog, however, there were some glitches with accessing such sections and permission rights for this Fall I 2011. (It was one of those moments whereby Prof. Meangry oscillated between that “I love/hate technology” scenario). This was last Thursday, but luckily we were able to fix that glitch today.

The messages have been posted and emails have been sent to both faculty and all five MAT096 (.1558, .1572, .1589, 6528 & .6547). We will keep you posted and pray that technology doesn’t pull any tricks on us.

Here’s what we emailed:

Dear MAT096 Faculty,

Ingrid C. De Leon and I sent out a message this morning to reach out to your MAT096 students to participate and continue to enrich our MathBlogLaGCC online community of MAT115 and MAT096 students.

We request your assistance to encourage students to engage their MAT115 classmates by doing the following:

Ask students to go to:

http://MathBlogLagcc.tumblr.com and choose to answer the first three problem listed on the blog.

Here are the direct links:

MAT096 Problem #1:


MAT096 Problem #2:


MAT096 Problem #3:


Students will be asked to log-in with their email address, or twitter or Facebook. We recommend that they inform us of their last name and their MAT096 section to trace back each answer/comment to you.

Should you find it appropriate, please offer extra credit incentives for posting on our blog. This type of incentive can definitely increase engagement and interactions between MAT115 and MAT096 students.

We deeply appreciate your support and encouragement to keep this online growing with active and positive interactions.

All the best,

Prof. Meangru & De León

What we learned?

Always pray and breathe deeply when assuming all of your rights certain for software are updated and that one can figure out the glitches sooner than later.


Students are more patient than one would think!

Half-way thorough this session and thus far this blogging experience has been a upward ladder learning experience.

Have a wonderful week!


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