Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 5- The main objective with our MathBlogLaGCC

Our main objective has always been to motivate students to conquer the somber shadow that MAT096 brings students.

This is my experience after working closely with students in the ASAP initiative since we began accepting students with at least two remedial courses in 2009. MAT096 can really stress students out and hinder their over all academic self-confidence.

After visiting three of the day MAT096 courses, I have learned that students do continue to experience the MAT096 shadow.

There was a particular section of students that shared their frustration with wanting to learn the 'how to steps' rather than just be given the answer! I thought this specific group needed to be heard and I won't mention which specific section was until I can videos of the good/bad/ugly experience students have had while taking MAT096.

Their facial expressions were priceless and I could sense that, it was once again, this funky mood that appears right before and after Columbus Day Weekend and the galore of unscheduled holidays in between.

I look forward to recording their experiences via written text and videos to helps us come up with the appropriate supportive tools that enhance their motivation and academic skill set.

With this in mind, I look forward to Week 7-12 of this MathBLogLaGCC project.

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