Saturday, October 1, 2011

Short Week

Last week was a really short week - only 2 days of classes, in my case, so I don't have much to report right now.

During this break time, I have been brainstorming ways to make the blogs more interactive and appealing, particularly for my ELL101 class, where only half of the students are really posting the required assignments.  Here are my ideas thus far:

  • Showcase good/interesting posts during class
  • Post more comments from me on the student blogs (I have refrained from this, in part, because I wanted Ss to post on one another's blogs, and any comments from me would have most likely halted others' comments if done too early)
  • Add more interesting content to the blog to draw students' attention to it, in general
  • Threaten students with grades! (The blog is actually listed on the syllabus as 20% of the grade for the ELL101 class, and I have already pointed this out more than once!)
I would appreciate any other ideas anyone else has regarding motivating students to participate more on the blog!


  1. Is the ELL where they do it for homework? If so, maybe dedicating 20 minutes of class to post or respond may be worth it. If you don't have a computer classroom, you could send them out to B333 on a "field trip." They always love that. I think they become allergic to their own classroom by week 3. ;-)

  2. A couple of quick thoughts: Would it help to show them other students' blog posts - like Ari's or Nozomi's? And, although they know the posts are 20% of final grade, maybe students need more immediate feedback about whether or not posting makes a difference in grade? I also wonder if they are shy about participating in this public format and if anyone else has strategies for dealing with Ss initial reticence.