Monday, October 24, 2011

They are A-Changin': Blackboard Goes For Sharing

For the times they are a-changin'.
Even Blackboard has realized you have to share:

"...Today the company announced plans to add a “Share” button that will let professors make those learning materials free and open online...."


  1. They are getting there their iPhone and Facebook link has been very helpful to my students.

  2. I'm still uncertain how I feel about all uploaded content being owned by them - is this the case with Google Blogger and Twitter? Do they own the content the way that Blackboard and Facebook do?

  3. Google used to lay no claim to content (and thereby wisely avoided being sued for copyright infringement) but I am not sure that is still the case.

  4. It would definitely be good to investigate who owns our content at this stage! Hmmmm....I can hear it now..."Whose content?" Our content!"