Friday, October 14, 2011

Visit to Metropolitan College of New York

From IQ Web at MCNY
Today, Jason and I presented on Community 2.0 at a Web 2.0 Symposium at Metropolitan College of New York.

MCNY speakers included Audrey Cohen School of Human Services professor Lynn Sally, who had the most interesting presentation on using Twitter in her classroom (we might have to invite her to speak to our group!), as well as Business School professor Rachel Yager on Social Media Intelligence (her talk so reminded me of one of the YouTube videos you submitted early this semester, Prof. Rebekah, that I will include the video again on this post), and Don Johnson, who spoke of the importance of acknowledging the paradigm shift we are experiencing in terms of knowledge production due to Web 2.0.

What we liked the most is how the presentation quickly became an interaction with the attendees asking questions about how we at Community 2.0 handle the usual issues (privacy, student resistance, tech and institutional support, etc.) and us and them grappling with some of the complex answers to those questions. There was so much discussion that we did not even have time to explain how we are using Bloom's Taxonomy in the seminar or even to break into groups as we had planned. (!)

Our hope is that the conversations we had will spark more conversations at MCNY about how to best grapple with, as Don Johnson pointed out, the inevitability that is digital learning. We know we are definitely looking forward to working with MCNY faculty in the future.

For Prof. Yager:

For Don Johnson:


  1. It was an honor to be a part of the Symposium...I learned so much, and am excited to see where we're headed! Thanks for the mentions, and for the video--that one alone could been my entire thesis last semester! :-0

    It was a pleasure meeting you both. Looking forward to seeing how much you'll change education in the future!

    Take Care,
    Don Johnson
    Metropolitan College of New York

  2. Thanks Don--it was wonderful to meet you also. Let's keep in touch.