Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 3

Neither my Environmental Ethics nor my Medical Ethics students had an online assignment this week. However, I am pleased to report that all of my Medical Ethics students have set up their blogs. Several students, as late as Tuesday of last week, stayed after class to connect to my blog once and for all. Their first online assignment is scheduled for the week after next. They will be given a reflective essay assignment (2 pages) that asks them to reflect on how the use of technology in regards to food production and medical advancement has led to a redefinition of what is "natural". Students from each class will be paired with one another for purposes of feedback. One of my classes is "doing better" thus far than the other. Hence, I am interested in seeing how they interact with one another.


  1. A few semesters ago I had a "strong" class and a "weaker" class. When they began working together online the students in the weaker class were totally shocked at the level of work the other students were doing and began to emulate them. Perspective can be a great motivator.

  2. Thanks for the update - looking forward to hearing how it goes. Staying after class to set up = good sign!

  3. Whohoo! This is a big deal! The logistics can take so much time, but I'm sure you will get going now!