Friday, October 7, 2011

WEEK 4: Beginning Painting

Beginning Painting

A. Learning Objectives
Students will be able to:
  • Evaluate different pictorial images that derived from the same concept.
  • Make a decision on a balanced composition, based on color and proportion.
  • Describe the process of constructing their own image.
  • Create new colors in acrylics and paint according to what they physically see.
  • Develop their own taste and style in Art.
B. Reflective Description
I modified my lesson plan from complimentary grays to monochrome painting after seeing their Egg Painting, not very materially-aware, so the class could only use one of the primaries, white, and black this time. Under this condition, in-class painting of Still Life from observation took place and I individually provided my students with personalized instructions addressing their painting styles and techniques.

Everybody was excellent, but everybody thought s/he is terrible in painting. This may be because beginning students still do not know what painting is, so I will work them through that part, too.

The critique for the NY Painting assignment has been postponed until next week because the class was not ready. Reports on their works in progress started to arrive. Completed paintings will be photographically documented and sent to another class: "Art in New York." It is curious to witness how students are processing visual information received from randomly arranged drawings, which were put together for them by another class.

C. Conclusion:
There would be more in-class painting sessions. Some students did not know that they can mix a lot of water in paint (unusual), so a demo may be useful even on the first day, before the Color Wheel assignment. The NY Painting homework is turning out beautifully. I will photograph my Still Life set-up next time. It would be better if I can coordinate with other Professors using the same studio so that my students can paint the same set-up for a week. This is just an idea.

The following photos are from NY Painting.

Exquisite Corpse #9 from "Art-in-New York"

Painting based on #9, in-progress, in Beginning Painting (from a student's blog).


  1. Thanks for clarifying the learning objectives of the course. I went to a few of the blogs. This is such a great way to have students share and document differenct phases of their creative and critical processes.

  2. Thank you for looking at my post. Any assignment is a success when students engage with it.