Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week 6-7ish!

Prof. Meangru are happy to report that his MAT115 does have an incredible rapport with the utilization of the MathBlogLaGCC as the center piece of hybrid course.

What happened?
Students know how to find the blog and solve problems online. This means we have reached the second step we have been looking forward since we began blogging--MAT115 students support and engage MAT096 as they attempt to solve problems online.

Last week and next week, the MAT096 sections we have chosen to participate will extend all of its students the opportunity to challenge themselves in solving problems on the MAT115 blog.

We can't wait for the interaction whereby a more advance (credit bearing class), can support those students enrolled in MAT096.

We'll make sure to show and tell all about the interaction!

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