Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 6

Today I reserved a Mac lab for my students to take their first test and to work on an Adobe Photoshop collage project. They were able to take the test on Blackboard with fewer issues than when they take the test from home. This was also the first semester that I specifically reserved a Mac lab for the Photoshop project. Even though I have made tutorials that outline everything they need to know about using this software, working hands-on with certain students has helped alleviate any confusion.

I asked Burhan Siddiqui to permanently change our classroom to a computer lab. He was able to do this, and I feel that this will greatly benefit the students for the remainder of the semester. This way, I can think of additional ways for the class to use technologies to connect with each other during class time.


  1. Please let us know about the advantages of a Mac lab. For us PC users, it is usually a nightmare when we get assigned a Mac lab. Really.

  2. Where is this Mac lab located? Did the lab have a scanner?