Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week Five a Tad Late

Last week was very good for my Intro to Art. We took a field trip to the Sculpture Center in LIC. It is a very unique space (a former trolly repair shop), and my students will write a paper about artwork that is created with a specific space in mind.

They submitted their responses to the MoMA design show "Talk to Me" and they submitted their contributions to the class food blog "Art Food Yum". The blog turned out great. They did better following the template than when I have assigned this previously through Blackboard Expo. Blogger is great since it offers more connectivity than Expo. Students can learn from each other. I can tell that students had a lot of fun doing the assignment. You can see the blog posts here: http://art-food-yum.blogspot.com/

Unfortunately, though, I am having a problem with getting all students to post their work on time. So far only half of the enrolled students have posted their food art posts. This makes it more difficult to foster the type of peer-evaluation community that I want this class to have. Not to mention, students who are not turning in their work are at higher risk of failing. I get the feeling that some students just are not checking their LaGuardia emails. If they are not checking, I can't remind them what they are missing.


  1. I love how your blog is growing--I left some +1 on some of the entries. I have to think how to incorporate this idea to our classes now that we are going to start the food unit.

  2. I LOVE the posts on the Art Food Yum! blog! I am plotting what I plan to post... and am going to get my students to post comments on the posts!

  3. And we don't have photos because? Pony up!

  4. Yes, I would like to see the photos here, too!