Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is really going on in Zuccotti Park?

Rich and successful is good, but at any cost is not good. BE RESPONSIBLE!

Second Blog Assignment Zuccotti Park Demonstrations

Educational Connection:
To create an awareness of the link between social media and the power of people demonstrating to create change.

Personal Impact:
The business community and in particular banks are under huge pressure to review their compensation packages and spread the wealth. As a entrant to the work force in the next 5 years you may find the world has changed some as a result of what is happening in Zuccotti Park.

My Overview:
I spent 5 hours with the demonstrators on Oct 24 and here are some of my discoveries. These again are only statements made to me via groups of demonstrators and in all cases would have to be further verified.
  1. Corporation control the money flow and place profits as the number one goal.
  2. The vast income wealth in the USA is controlled by 1% of the population.
  3. Most industry would only do environmental protection if mandated to do it.
  4. Banks control both political parties.
  5. Corporations are only accountable if mandated to by law to compy.
  6. The city’s cleanup plan was an effort to get rid of the demonstrators.
In the last month there has been a continuous demonstration called Occupy Wallstreet in Succoth Park in lower Manhattan. There has been a lot of press coverage on the event and this assignment is to ask your opinions about this Occupy Wall Street Movement. Review the questions and then investigate the internet for the answers.

DUE Date on this Assignment is October 31 at 930AM
  1. How did it get started?
  2. What are their expected results?
  3. Do you feel that this is an effective way to get their point across why or why not?
  4. Identify other cities that this movement has gone to?
  5. Peaceful demonstrations like Occupy Wall Street were the mark of Ghandi and Martin Luther King, how effective do you think they are as opposed to the more aggressive demonstrations of the Arab Spring.
  6. Locate one or two pictures about the protest that you think best identifies your attitude about the current economic state in the USA and the World.
  7. What is the potential impact is something like this demand for accountability on your career?


  1. What an absolutely wonderful assignment. I love this. I'm so happy this got posted.

  2. Excellent! Glad you are doing this & look forward to hearing more.

  3. “Greg Palast investigates the story behind Goldman Sachs’ recent decision to pull out of a fundraiser for the Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union in New York City after it learned the event was honoring the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. The investment bank withdrew its name from the fundraiser and also canceled a $5,000 pledge. Was the $5,000 a Goldman Sachs donation or actually American taxpayer bailout money Goldman set aside for community banks?”

  4. I thought you and your students might find this aspect of the funds donated to OWS interesting.