Monday, November 21, 2011

Catching up - and Blogs about Internet Memes

Catching Up

I apologize for being behind on blog posts.  I was completely overwhelmed by conferences for a few weeks and then "the attack of the meetings" the past few weeks.  I have perused Community 2.0 and hoped to have interesting posts about what my students were doing online, but did not do much online work with them the past few weeks.

I did some online searches for ideas and resources and saw some interesting activities on various wiki, blog, and online community sites.  Slowly the rusty 2.0 gears started turning...

To get back into the swing of things, I combed through everyone's blog sites to see what you are all doing and get some inspiration!  From posts by Ximena and Jason and comments by Justin Rogers Cooper, I was inspired to have students do some reflective blog-writing about blogging in our lab class tomorrow.

I also really liked some of the activities Luke is having students do in both classes.  Some of his prompts made me consider what things "out there" on the Net would interest my students.  And then certain Facebook posts I saw today (including ones by Maria) sparked my slumbering blog imagination...

Pepper Spray Everything, the Internet Meme

I wanted to try something edgy and follow a popular Internet meme trend - the Pepper Spray Cop!  I will have students contemplate and write about the newest viral sensation, the "Pepper Spray Everything Movement" and consider whether this is art or not:

Stay tuned for comments on how this activity worked with my class!

How It Went:

The student posts about the pepper spray cop meme were very interesting.  Their ideas about whether or not the meme images were art and whether or not it was a form of plagiarism were varied and led to an interesting discussion of what can be considered plagiarism, particulary when it is so easy to copy images found online.


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  2. Shoot, we have ourselves a smart spammer working our comments. Don't click on any link left by an outside commenter unless you know who the person is. Otherwise, the spamming is harmless.

  3. I think the assignment is great! One of our English colleagues also has a similar theme as your in ENG101, so I sent her a link to your assignment for inspiration.

    Have you thought of including a link to some version of the news so that students would have more context as to what happened at UC Davis?

  4. For a bit of fun, cut and paste the link to your browser, and then read the reviews:

  5. I have added a link to a news site - good suggestion!

  6. Wow, sorry that my Meme topic attracted a spammer!

  7. Great idea to explore the meme! And I love those pepper spray reviews, Ximena! heh heh!