Monday, November 21, 2011

Has anyone used Wikia?

I have just ran across an article on Wikia and how it provides semi-private college wikis:

Does anyone have any experience using Wikia?


  1. I have also found some individual college wikis while searching for more information on wiki use, for example:

    And wikis used to replace texts:

  2. You may be interested in this book, then: it's online:

    Robert E. Cummings. Wiki Writing: Collaborative Learning in the College Classroom

  3. Wikis are a great tool for enabling collaboration on projects, and also for publishing projects online. I've used google sites (our seminar wiki is one), pbwiki, wetpaint, and Blackboard's built-in wiki. I would not recommend the last two, as Bbd's wiki is extremely bland and limited, and wetpaint has many ads. You may want to check out the tool you recommended for ads, too.