Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hi all! I am writing a magazine article on the New York based BioBus this week (http://biobus.org/) and ran across the founder's other project: Microglobalscope (http://www.microglobalscope.org/) which is exactly the type of thing we are trying to do. I think he has some really fantastic ideas that work for the sciences. Maybe we can get "Dr. Ben" to come speak to our group. Thoughts?


  1. I asked and he says he'll come in the Spring. Plus, he'd love to talk to the LAGCC Bio folks about the Newtown Creek Superfund site.

  2. Good idea to invite him to one of our sessions. We may get some pointers from him to help us start our own "bus". Perhaps a virtual MathBus?

  3. He is a really cool guy. Maybe we can get a few $$ and they can bring the bus. I think Paul Arcario and President Mellow would love this.