Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reflection Blog Post Assignment

Today in class, in addition to completing the Community 2.0 survey, I had students do a "Reflection Blog" considering their experience in this class using the blog.  We will not have any more blog assignments, as students now need to focus on revising essays and preparing for the in-class essay final exam.

The Assignment (on our class blog):

The students' reponses were very interesting (posted on their own blogs) and it is helpful to consider the difficulties students have had (with home computers, for instance), how they view the blogs, and what blog activities they liked.  The students are very candid - some say they didn't really enjoy using blogs.  Others surprised me by saying they often looked and and edited their blogs outside of class or looked at other students' blogs a lot.  By and large, students enjoyed reading other students' blogs and posting comments as their favorite activity on the blogs.

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  1. I totally forgot to ask students to fill out the survey...will do via email.