Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sharing on FB

We've hit the time of the semester when everyone's feeling overworked and overwhelmed (or is it just me?) and I'm hoping to use Facebook - along with group work and good ole class discussion - to accomplish several things this week.

Objectives include:
ensure students do the reading;
encourage them to consider the major issues raised in the assigned chapter,
practice introducing and explaining quotations in small groups,
practice quoting and using in-text citations,
do a peer critique as a class, and
refine and expand on their work through individual in-class writing.

Since we'll be working on "sandwiching" quotations in class, I want them to have actual quotations to work with. So, I asked them to choose one passage from the assigned reading that stands out to them, post it on FB, and write a sentence or two about why it's important. The deadline was noon today and most of them have posted good, solid responses.

Tomorrow, I'll break them into groups and ask them choose one of the posted passages to work with. Working together, they will write one sentence that introduces the main idea of the passage and one that explains its significance. We'll discuss their sentences as a class and then they'll write individual paragraphs fleshing out their ideas that they will also post on FB.

I've done this sort of thing before and I like the idea of combining different tools and activities. I hope that sharing their work online will provide a sense of accomplishment for those that do well and models for those that could do better. Ideally, this work will also help them as they revise their midterm exams and begin to draft their next formal essay.


  1. I like your Facebook concept and have used it a couple of times. I assume from your work that you did not have any issue with students using using their own Facebook accounts. I had sone issues with that two semesters ago and in the end several of them used a pseudo account.
    It made everyone happy.

  2. Glad to hear Facebook's personal accounts did not give you trouble, as well. I rather never know or read what a status says or see pictures from their weekend. It's also amazing to see the interaction midd-session when everyone feels so overwhelmed. Six more weeks David!!!