Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spreading the Word

This, apparently, is a week of presentations. Luke is going to the National Council of Teachers of English conference to present on peer evaluation using blogs and I am presenting at LAGCC's The English Language Center on ways to use web 2.0 tools for feedback. If you are curious as to what I will cover, the outline is below.

Simple Web 2.0 Feedback
Ximena Gallardo C., English Department

I. Introduction to Web 2.0 and Privacy Discussion
  1. Definition of Web 2.0
  2. Privacy Handouts
    • Handout for Teachers HERE.
    • Handout for Students HERE.
  3. Degrees of Privacy
    • Public (Pu): Anyone in the world can see the feedback (but probably will not. Consider that on Nov .12 the Nielsen Company site BlogPulse identified the number of blogs to be over 176 million).
    • Semi-public (Semi): Only those in a community (a group or class, for example) can see the feedback.
    • Private (Pr): Only you or you and those you choose can see the feedback.

II. Hands-on Work with Tools Where Teachers Act as Students
  1. Poll Everywhere (Pu)
    • Show: Poll Everywhere PowerPoint.
    • Work: Responding to Feedback Poll
    • Mention: Survey Monkey (Pr); Google Forms (Pr)
  2. Google Docs (Pu, Semi, Pr)
    • Show: Google Docs in Plain English HERE.
    • Show: Group collaboration on annotating a CAT HERE.
    • Work: Commenting on student response HERE.
    • Show: Teacher-to-student feedback  (Gradebook) for ENA099 HERE.
  3. Ning (Semi, Pu); Blogger (Pu)
    • Discuss: Administrator-controlled space versus administrator-authorized network
    • Show: Peer-to-Peer feedback on Shakespeare Ning HERE. (I model, then feedback begins on page 3) .
    • Show: Peer-to-Peer feedback on Blogger  
      1. Google Docs Instructions HERE.
      2. Sample Responses  and feedback HERE  and HERE (network-mates and me).

III. Q&A and Exploring Tools of Choice
  • Join Poll Everywhere HERE.
  • Join Google HERE.
    • Google Docs Tour HERE.
      • Create a Google Document HERE.
    • Blogger Tour HERE.
      • How to Create a Blog on Blogger HERE.
      • Create a Blog HERE.

IV. Feedback for the Day’s Work
Please complete a SurveyMonkey survey HERE.

P.S. One other interesting feedback tool: Voicethread (Semi-Pu)
    • Voicethread Demo HERE.
    • Join Voicethread HERE.
    • How to Create a Voicethread HERE.


  1. When is your talk, X? Looks fantastic!!

  2. Thursday from 11-12:30 in C333, I believe. There are sessions before and after, I believe.

  3. One interesting thing I've learned about privacy: if students interview "real people" (aka, live persons, aka, living human "subjects") and then distribute that information (whoops, data) OUTSIDE the classroom, then that information is subject to IRB approval here at LaGuardia.

    [insert gasps]