Friday, November 18, 2011

What's a College Degree Worth?

Lately I've been reading about the long-term impact globalization and technology have on today's students, particularly when it comes to achieving their career aspirations and earning potential. I'm also serving on a college-wide committee that's looking at ways to increase LaGuardia's graduation rate. These two issues are linked; students cannot get ahead if they don't have a college degree and the first step for many is graduating from LaGuardia.

In today's economy a college degree is one key to economic opportunity. A report published by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, "The College Payoff," reveals that the median lifetime earnings of those with a Bachelor's degree is $2,268,000 while those with a high school diploma have a median lifetime earning $1,304,000. Quite a difference! In addition to a college degree, race, gender and choice of major also have an impact on income and upward mobility. I have attached a link to the article-I think you will find it interesting and the information may be useful as you talk with students about their career choices.


  1. Then there are the Dept. of Labor's reports, such as this one we should show to our female students:

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  3. There are two ways to increase LaGuardia's graduation rate.

    (1) Make each class ridiculously easier than what they used to be.
    (2) Let students work harder than they did in the past.

    Some students might complain about (2) but not about (1).
    It is ironic that those two ideas suggest completely opposite concepts in terms of what students learn.

    I may be wrong.

  4. This is helpful research, Judy. Thanks for sharing it.