Thursday, December 8, 2011

Agenda 9 December 2011 10:00-01:00 B123

Community 2.0 Agenda
9 December 2011
10:00-01:00 B123
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10:00-10:10 Welcome!
10:10-10:40 Developing & Evaluating Effective Connective Learning Networks HERE.
10:40-11:30 Report-out and Discussion HERE.
11:30-11:40 Break
11:40-12:50 Twittering with Justin Rogers-Cooper
  • Introduction 
  • Field Work
    • Group A (Justin, Vera, Michelle,Rebekah, David ):  “C” Building cafeteria, 3d floor
    • Group B  (Jason, Aaron, Ingrid, Judith): “C” Building cafe, first floor
    • Group C (Maria, Rudy, Ari, Luke, Priscilla) : Food vendors in front of “B” and/or “C”  building.
  • Discussion of Twitter feed
  • Group Work: one-paragraph blog entry that uses the tweets but expands on them as per the previous discussion
12:50-01:00 Reminders
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday 2/29/12 10 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Homework:
    • Write a "Best of Class" blog entry. 
    • Use the list we created together today to self-critique your activity and then revise it by the February meeting. Then post a blog entry covers the following:
    1. What is the revised activity?
    2. What are its goals? (use Bloom’s Taxonomy)
    3. Describe what types of connections are being made. (Across courses, across disciplines, with the wider college community, with the world?)
    4. How are these connections meaningful?
Be prepared for a hands-on run-through of your activity!


  1. It was fascinating to see everyone use Twitter, and to see how everyone had a slightly different style and way of using it. I enjoyed both the texts and pics that people posted.

    This activity makes me want to try with my students about 1/3 of the way through the new semester.

    I really do think students should have more choices, and we should work hard to make those choices available.

  2. The field trip was fun, and makes you even more aware of the nasty things available on campus. When writing my comments I thought I will have the same as others, but as it turns out, there is quite a collection of different observations.
    I really liked the pictures that Rebekah took.

  3. Learning to use twitter was a great experience for me. Fun but a bit overwhelming. There is a bit of a learning curve. I can see how students might feel intimidated.

    I want to figure out how to use twitter to connect students to the ecareer plan. It seems like it might be an effective way to engage students.

  4. This was really fun! I've never used Twitter before this. Mindless? Yes. Engaging? Yes!

  5. What is a "best in class" blog?

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  7. I absolutely want to try this in class. Getting out of the classroom and interacting in a different way is both fun and promotes critical thinking!

    The issues I can think of, however, have to do with access.

    What if some students don't have smart phones?

    Or what if they have to pay for data plans (or share them with family) and shouldn't use up the gigabytes?

    What if students don't have a Twitter account and really don't want one?

    Inquiring minds want to know... (or at least consider solutions to these issues)

  8. Ya’ll,

    This has been by far the most engaging activity we have done this semester-- It was stimulating, well-structured and concise!
    I have always loved using twitter, but this activity has given me new ideas to incorporate into our blog and in class activities for next semester.

    The twitter feed has strengthened our LaGCC Community 2.0little family further!

    Thanks Ximena, Jason and Priscilla. You planned a twittwesome activity!
    p.s. LaGCC needs healthier choices for students to promote a healthier campus

  9. I really liked the multiple feeds, especially realizing that the professor could be back in class looking at what each group is reporting and noticing common threads.

  10. As a first time user of Twitter, I found it quite easy to use. I thought that it was a lot more difficult to post in Twitter and this is the reason why I never explore it. I see some important benefits in using Twitter in my classes.

    The Twitter activity today was very enlightening to me because it not only exposed me to another online source for delivering information but gave a hands-on through the usage of Twitter.

  11. I think "access" is important to all our 2.0 conversations, Rebekah. One reason I only assigned it for homework was so that students could use on-campus computers to complete the task (which is pretty quick!). But I agree in principle, as always...

  12. Sorry for the delayed response but I wasn't able to log onto the blog during the seminar today. I thought I had forgotten my password but when I tried it at home it worked fine so I'm not sure what was going on.

    Anyway, I didn't actually tweet today because I didn't want to schlep the Netbook and my phone works for making phone calls and not much else. My resistance gave me a great deal of insight into what our students might be feeling when they, too, resist some hot new media we're all excited about.

    Having said all that, I found the activity to be educational and a lot of fun and I totally want to adapt it for next semester when my students read Fast Food Nation.

  13. Dr. J and I decided to use our Twitter feeds to "showcase" our students' Final Projects on our blogs. The plus: we can put all students in one feed so that all four classes get to see what others are doing.

    OMG. Twitter is awesome.